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Hi, and welcome.


This attempts to be a free-form, (mostly un-cohosted) podcast about tech-oriented hobby-projects. Do not proceed if you're looking for a high-quality production.

On a semi-biweekly basis, Michai and optional cohost talk about software, electronics and mechanical engineering from a hands-on point of view. Most of the time, that means giving excuses for not having done any work at all.

Jan 7, 2018

This time, the whole CBA Podcast team talks about ongoing redesign for the Qibec CPU (preparation for Maker Faire Ruhr 2018), lasercutting lightpipes and bendable mesh-zones out of acrylic for doing tests, my Flashing Light Prize 2018 entry, the surprising (to me) AH276 Hall sensor / motor coil driver, and a not-too-productive gear-fixing session.



Qibec's old (left) and new (right, still unpopulated) multiplexer I/O-boards:

old and new Qibec mux-boards


Lasercut acrylic with mesh-pattern to make a bendable zone. (This one could do 45 degrees, and not much more...) I didn't actually come up with this pattern myself - just stole it off the Internet. :-)

making acrylic bendable by lasercutting a mesh-pattern into it