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Hi, and welcome.


This attempts to be a free-form, (mostly un-cohosted) podcast about tech-oriented hobby-projects. Do not proceed if you're looking for a high-quality production.

On a semi-biweekly basis, Michai and optional cohost talk about software, electronics and mechanical engineering from a hands-on point of view. Most of the time, that means giving excuses for not having done any work at all.

Apr 28, 2018

This episode wraps up my (hobby)work for the RetroChallenge 2018/04, and talks about a favourite scripting-language or the lack thereof, the use of SD-cards, finding a new pet (or PET..?) homecomputer/console, and NE555-sound.

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Apr 15, 2018

Made it to episode 20, and it's still a lot of fun - I hope the feeling is mutual. :-)

Topics of interest: a bit of background about this podcast itself, playing around with a vintage Luctor N.V. Multiset AC power-supply, last weeks' effort for the RetroChallenge 2018/04, disassembling a coffee-machine and the upcoming...

Apr 8, 2018

(First of all, apologies for the many "uhhh"s and "ummm"s you can hear - no idea what was going on there. Edited out a lot, and next time it should be better.)

Topics this time are my effort so far for the RetroChallenge 2018/04 (25% in), a short and biased discussion of some available handheld oscilloscopes,...