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Hi, and welcome.


This attempts to be a free-form, (mostly un-cohosted) podcast about tech-oriented hobby-projects. Do not proceed if you're looking for a high-quality production.

On a semi-biweekly basis, Michai and optional cohost talk about software, electronics and mechanical engineering from a hands-on point of view. Most of the time, that means giving excuses for not having done any work at all.

Apr 12, 2022

(Michai is too lazy to make shownotes now, check again later. :-)

Jan 17, 2021

Hi, and an extremely good 2021 to all of you.

We start off this brand new year talking about some totally unrelated and slightly more related new year's resolutions,
a miniscule car fix, and glueing with a 3D printing pen. All in not much more detail than stated here.

Continuing on last episode's VGA generator board, I...

Nov 1, 2020

Welcome to a pretty boring episode - just as you're used to by now!

Prepare yourself for epic or less epic talk about a mains test jig that proved very useful, some awesome Probe Master DMM probes well worth the money, and both me and occasional cohost Domen fixing household stuff, and the subtle psychology of starting...

Aug 12, 2020

The thrilling tale of 4 months of doing pretty much nothing interesting is coming to a podcast near you today!

After hearing about the hilarious exploding electrolytic, we continue with some lame or slightly-less-lame tools one can just buy off-the-shelf: using H-field probes for injecting magnetic fields into a PCB,...

Apr 12, 2020

In this time of global turmoil, the CBA Podcast once again proves to be your one-stop source of distraction and meh-grade information.

We start off by a quick list of how to keep busy in a sort of useful way, followed by a short talk about a 230 Vac test-jig and designing for test-jig repairability.

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