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Hi, and welcome.


This attempts to be a free-form, (mostly un-cohosted) podcast about tech-oriented hobby-projects. Do not proceed if you're looking for a high-quality production.

On a semi-biweekly basis, Michai and optional cohost talk about software, electronics and mechanical engineering from a hands-on point of view. Most of the time, that means giving excuses for not having done any work at all.

Jan 20, 2019

HNY2019! Not a whole lot of stuff to talk about, so this is quite a short episode.

You're welcome.

After some fluffy and unrelated list of New Year's Resolutions, we talk about progress for a decorative VGA generator device w.r.t. mechanics and software. 

I had never been to the monthly HCC!programmeren meeting, so let's talk a bit about that a bit as well, and about ways to stimulate collaboration within a group of likeminded people.

Bonus Funfact: I tried to destroy the Bluetooth interface of a headphone I bought last time, and now I'm happy I failed - BT is perhaps nice after all.

VGA generator device with "enclosure", front and back:



Nicely aligned batch of these: